About Us

Having expertise of more than 20 years, Customized Solutions offers wide range of services for our valued customers. These unmatched services can bring a new modernized look to your identity within no time.


Customized Solutions was established with the advent of the 21st Century. The aim was very simple: to offer designing/printing services and to provide identity verification/security features to corporate clients of Pakistan in an organized and professional manner.

CS succeeded in achieving these milestones within first two years of it’s establishment, as the number of clients began to grow very fast. The reason was one and only: Trust.

How does CS achieves trust of it’s client, is very simple. Upon the very first meeting with the client, we try to get to know everything about the professional needs of the client. Right after it, our technical experts prepare a roadmap for the work to do. We provide mokeups to the client and if agreed on basic layout of their requirements, we set milestones for various parts of the whole project.

“Just decide what you need, imagine its solution, order us with confidence, choose from a variety of services and finally get it.”

CEO Customized Solutions

Rest of the story is simple. The technical team of Customized Solutions starts working with full dedication and tries to complete all the milestones of the project within promised time-frame.

Main secret behind the success of Customized Solutions lies in customer’s satisfaction. On the graph of 1 to 10, the satisfaction level of CS customers never falls below 9. That is the same reason, the customer retention level of CS is 100%.
Customized Solutions basically invests its efforts for future achievements. The CS team comprises of such talented people who always look ahead for future opportunities as well as the ongoing ventures.

Another success tool used by CS team is adopting new technologies. Customized Solutions’ experts always keep looking for new technical tools which may facilitate their customers in the long run. CS management holds various training sessions for their technical and non-technical staff in order to enhance their capabilities.