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Necessity of ID Cards

ID cards have become a crucial part of almost all types of institutions, making it possible to simultaneously simplify employee and visitor identification and enhance a company’s integrity and security. ID cards typically include an employee’s name, photo, job title and department, making quick personal identification. As technology advances, however, ID cards are now being used in a variety of ways to help businesses protect themselves, build relationships and streamline their operations.

  • Increased Security

ID cards can increase building security in a number of ways. Using photo ID cards makes it easy for security personnel to quickly identify each employee or visitor, minimizing the risk of impersonation and theft. By restricting access to a building to allow only those with ID cards to enter, each company will be able to lower the possibility of unauthorized visitors entering the building. Many ID cards also include extra security features, such as holographic overlays or magnetic stripes, to further enhance building safety.

  • Greater accountability

Affixing a magnetic stripe imprinted with a pass code onto each employee’s ID card can do more than simply increase security by restricting access. By assigning each card its own pass code, a company will be able to easily keep track of each employee’s in and out times, equipment and facility usage, which will encourage employee accountability.

  • Better customer and employee relationships

For businesses that provide service to members of the public, ID cards can improve employee-customer relationships by putting a face to a name, which helps to build rapport and accountability. Within mid- to large-size companies where phone and email communication often precede or replace face-to-face meetings, providing each employee with a photo ID card can help employees get to know each other.

  • Local benefits and brand recognition

If a company chooses to offer discounts or special deals on restaurant visits, gym memberships or tickets to local events, each employee’s ID card can also serve as a way to gain entry to the event or take advantage of the deal. In addition to building employee morale, giving employees the opportunity to show their badges at various locations has the extra advantage of building brand recognition.

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  • Benefits and Privileges

Some ID cards carry extra benefits. For instance, students are entitled to discounts off movie tickets, theme park tickets, food, books and stationery by flashing their student ID cards at selected outlets.

  • Verify Identity during Emergencies

As most ID cards are equipped with the cardholder’s photo and personal information such as contact number, address, emergency contacts, etc., your card can be used to verify your identity when you fall victim to theft, meet with an accident or other emergencies.

Conclusion !

ID card have become an important part of our current culture. While one may appreciate the privileges that the card offers, others may see its value at tightening security. With all the different types, functions and designs, it is definitely not difficult for each organization to find one that suit their requirements and fit their budgets.